5 Ways to Save on Your Electricity Bill in Winter

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Keeping warm in winter while saving on your electricity bill is entirely possible. We’re fortunate in Sydney to enjoy moderate temperatures year-round but everyone still wants to keep their home warm and cosy when the winter chill hits.

3 Steps to Start Saving on Your Energy Bills

According to the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, there are three main steps you need to do to start saving on your energy bills: get informed, get organised and get moving. Their website gives you easy-to-follow information to start understanding your energy bills and home and lifestyle factors that influence them.

Stay Warm and Save in 5 Easy Steps

We’ve devised five easy ways to save money on your electricity bills today by making small changes around your home.

1. Hang out the washing.

There’s no denying the clothes dryer is one of the best modern-day inventions but if you’re looking to save money on your electricity bills, the dryer should be the first thing to go. A dryer is often one of the top power-consuming appliances in your home and depending on how often you use it, it could cost your household up to $500 a year to run. Hang your washing outside on a clothesline on clear days or inside on drying racks when it’s raining; this will also utilise any heating you have on.

2. Switch to water-efficient shower heads.

This simple switch is an excellent example of a small change making a significant impact. Changing old shower heads to water-saving ones will help reduce your water consumption and use less energy to heat the water, saving you money on your electricity bill. A warm shower when you’ve gotten home on a cold day is a great way to quickly warm up, by installing a water-efficient shower head and keeping your shower to 4 minutes or less will help you reduce energy costs.

3. Close doors and curtains.

Make the most of your home heating, whether central or split-system, and close doors and curtains to improve energy efficiency. Check for draughts around windows, floorboards, doors and fireplaces and block where needed to ensure heat isn’t escaping. Setting the thermostat between 18°C and 20°C in winter will also help improve energy efficiency and save money on your electricity bills.

4. Check your fridge settings.

Your fridge may not be the first thing you think about when looking for ways to save energy and money in winter, but the temperature you set it at can impact your overall electricity bill. Make sure the temperature is set at 5°C or below. If your fridge doesn’t have a thermometer inside, it’s worth investing in a fridge thermometer to check your fridge routinely. Also, check the seal around the fridge and freezer doors and repair or replace it if you notice any damage.

5. Make the most of off-peak energy.

Check with your energy provider or on your latest bill and make a note of when off-peak times are. If you are on a time-of-use or flexible pricing tariff, running appliances or heating during off-peak times could help you save money on your electricity bill. If you’re on a single-rate tariff it won’t matter what time of day you run a load of washing, so stick to the other money-saving ideas above.

Now that you’ve got your home sorted for keeping warm in winter for less read about the 7 smart ways you can save money on your electricity bills during summer.