Top-rated Electrician in Collaroy

Situated on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Collaroy boasts a coveted coastal lifestyle, with its captivating beachfront and abundant water activities for the whole family. As your local electrician, Matty James Electrical will ensure you enjoy your beachside haven with reliable and expert electrical services.

Best Electrician to Upgrade Lighting in Collaroy

Whether you envision a contemporary lighting makeover for your home or want to create an inviting atmosphere within your Collaroy-based business, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Matty James Electrical takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of lighting upgrade services designed to cater to Collaroy’s diverse community.

If you’re a homeowner, we begin with a personalised consultation to understand your lighting needs, followed by installing upgraded fixtures, energy-efficient LEDs, downlights, dimmers and more.

For local Collaroy businesses, our professional team collaborates closely to design and implement lighting solutions that align with your brand, enhance productivity and create an inviting ambience for customers and employees.

With a commitment to craftsmanship, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal, we’re dedicated to transforming your Collaroy spaces into beautifully illuminated environments that meet your specific requirements and preferences.

Power point installation in Collaroy

Whether you’re moving in, renovating or just looking for more outlets for your tech, contact us to install new general power outlets (GPOs), commonly known as power points, in your Collaroy home or business.

Additional power points can enhance your home’s convenience and functionality or optimise your business space’s electrical infrastructure. Our team understands the importance of GPOs in modern living, and we are committed to delivering a hassle-free and efficient experience. From selecting optimal locations for your new power points to ensuring safe and compliant installation, we prioritise your satisfaction and convenience.

Collaroy Residential Electrical Services

  • Wiring
  • Switchboards
  • Lighting upgrades
  • New power points
  • Oven installation
  • Under floor heating
  • EV Car Chargers

Collaroy Commercial Electrical Services

  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Lighting upgrades, including the installation of new downlights
  • General additions, such as new GPOs (power points)
  • Wiring and installation for home offices
  • Under floor heating
  • Office fitouts
Professional Electrician in Collaroy

5 Interesting Facts about Collaroy

  1. Nicknamed ‘The Roy’ by locals, Collaroy was originally a part of Narrabeen but was renamed after the collier S.S. Collaroy ran aground in 1881 during a fierce storm.

  2. Collaroy Beach boasts a fascinating sand movement pattern. It undergoes natural erosion and replenishment cycles, leading to efforts to safeguard and maintain its shoreline.

  3. The historic Collaroy Rockpool, built in the 1930s, remains a beloved landmark for swimming and relaxation. Collaroy’s surfing heritage is strong, with local surf clubs and popular surf breaks drawing enthusiasts from near and far.

  4. Collaroy played a role in Australian aviation history, as pioneering aviator Lawrence Hargrave conducted ground-breaking experiments with box kites in this area during the early 20th century that contributed to important advancements in aviation technology.

  5. Take in the latest Hollywood blockbuster at one of Australia’s oldest cinemas with original features; the Collaroy Cinema was built in 1938 and is heritage-listed.